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With a large majority of organisations planning to expand their spending on Identity and Access Management , Intelligent CIO takes a look at a new survey that underlines its importance and two use cases that illustrate its impact . j

JumpCloud study uncovers importance of IAM
A new ESG Research Survey , sponsored by JumpCloud , called Trends in IAM : Clouddriven Identities , shows that 97 % of organizations plan to expand or continue existing spending levels on identity and access management ( IAM ).
The spike in spending is driven by the rise of remote work and growing complexity of securely managing multiple types of end-user devices , applications , storage systems and networks . IT teams are struggling with the plethora of piecemeal extensions required to secure and manage user identities across every needed resource .
The new study underscores the need to simplify identity , access and device management through consolidation of disparate security tools .
“ Organizations of all sizes are converging their IAM strategy to better secure and connect their users , something that has been a challenge due to the number of tools these teams are having to manage ,” said Doug Cahill , Vice President and Group Director of
Cybersecurity at ESG . “ The trend away from siloed approaches is only going to become more common .”
Rajat Bhargava , JumpCloud ’ s Co-founder , said : “ This new research validates JumpCloud ’ s approach of building a single , cloud-based directory platform that lets IT securely manage identities , devices and access from a single pane of glass .

Enhancing security and usability with

Identity and Access Management

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