Intelligent CIO North America Issue 03 | Page 53


Think 3-2-1 to protect your business against ransomware

Ransomware is a serious threat that should not be underestimated . Rick Vanover , Senior Director of Product Strategy , Veeam , tells us huge attacks have resulted in major organizations and businesses being unable to carry out responsibilities that are critical to their operations .

The war on ransomware is real . In the past few years , this form of attack has become a valid threat to businesses . We have seen huge attacks that have rendered multinational organizations , even governments , vulnerable and unable to continue mission-critical operations . In 2017 , WannaCry brought hospital IT departments across Europe to a standstill , with over 200,000 computers across it affected , demonstrating the destructive potential of ransomware .

While WannaCry and Petya are still the most notable ransomware attacks , this form of cyberattack is still on the rise , according to Europol ’ s 2019 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment ( IOCTA ) report .
Organizations need to acknowledge this threat and take steps to prepare , defend and be ready to remediate . This is a critical step to avoid an unplanned and likely ineffective response later during a ransomware incident . A strong , multi-layered defense and strategy to address ransomware is composed of three key elements : education , implementation and remediation . Furthermore , having www . intelligentcio . com INTELLIGENTCIO