Intelligent CIO North America Issue 03 | Page 59

OutSystems and it has seen massive success . Most notably , Lucro deployed a system to process timely Paycheck Protection Program ( PPP ) applications – the final solution was delivered via OutSystems in just one week and deployed for multiple credit unions . Jim Gallagher , CEO at Lucro , takes up the story .
“ The results have been phenomenal ,” he said . “ To deliver this kind of experience in one week is staggering . That ’ s a testament to the multi-tenant architecture and the ability to reuse so much of our previous development .
“ We ’ ve grown our credit union customer base by two-thirds . Credit unions were amazed that we could tailor the PPP application to their guidelines inside two hours . And they ’ ve had ringing endorsements from claimants about the user experience .”
From the perspective of Corporate One ’ s central IT team , the performance has been equally impressive . The automatic dependency checks and one-click deployment capabilities built into OutSystems made it easy for the operations team to push new versions from development to QA to production without a minute ’ s downtime .
The OutSystems Cloud environment scaled seamlessly to cope with suddenly increasing workload . Jim Horlacher said : “ With PPP applications coming in from multiple credit unions we saw application hits climb steeply from around 1,100 per day to over 81,000 per day .
“ The OutSystems performance monitoring dashboard made it easy to monitor performance . The APDEX score barely moved from 99 % to 98 %, which was remarkable considering the 700 % plus increase in application hits .”
The crisis has been a defining moment for Corporate One ’ s IT approach and the OutSystems partnership . Horlacher said : “ The management team now sees that this is more than just another way to build software . Speed and agility are crucial in such a challenging economy , and thanks to OutSystems and the ingenuity of our teams at Corporate One , Sherpa Technologies and Lucro , we ’ re proud to make this kind of agility and innovation available to our members .” • www . intelligentcio . com INTELLIGENTCIO