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Secureworks addresses customer requirements for SIEM alternative

The improvements to Secureworks ’ TDR directly address customers ’ needs for a compelling SIEM alternative . Security operations teams can now detect , investigate and respond to security incidents with greater detection visibility . They can also proactively hunt for , and gain actionable insights on , both known and unknown threats .
Secureworks ’ TDR takes a holistic approach to security with superior detection and remediation capabilities informed and enriched by threat intelligence , Machine Learning and integrations with a variety of third-party point products .

Secureworks , a leader in software-driven security solutions , is to deliver new threat detection and response security analytics features to address customer requirements for an alternative to SIEM .

The company is delivering on its commitment to protect customers with flexible log collection and retention ; a new search query language and flexible reporting ; and custom use case support and alert customization capabilities on its cloud-native security analytics application , Threat Detection and Response ( TDR ).
“ Our cloud-native security applications are designed to grow and transform with security operations to outpace a continually evolving threat landscape . These updates to TDR reflect that growth ,” said Steve Fulton , Secureworks ’ Chief Product Officer . “ To be truly effective in the fight against the adversary , we must strengthen and enable the security community at large , and that begins by sharing and innovating our software .”
“ Updates to the Secureworks ’ TDR application are in line with the market ’ s need for improved detection of advanced threats and the sentiment that SIEM is stronger on known threats than unknown threats ,” said Jon Oltsik , Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow , ESG .

Zenlayer selects Juniper Networks to power a better-connected world

Juniper Networks , a leader in secure ,

AI-driven networks , has announced that Zenlayer has selected it for data center network upgrades to help drive its growth as a global edge cloud services provider .
Zenlayer , which is headquartered in Los Angeles and Shanghai , has experienced growth to offer its on-demand bare metal cloud , SD-WAN , cloud networking and managed services from a global footprint of over 180 nodes across six continents . global presence and improve the digital experience offered to their end-users .
Zenlayer required a significant expansion of its global networking infrastructure to allow the company to address several priorities , including the capacity to support the increasing demand for lower latency services across industries like gaming and video streaming , as well as the ability to step up its research and development in areas such as intent-based networking .
Having forged a long-term relationship driving Zenlayer ’ s growth as its major network vendor , Juniper Networks was selected again for Zenlayer ’ s latest upgrade and to further introduce agile , automated and AI-driven innovation across its network .
Zenlayer has identified the enablement of emerging markets as a priority , having expanded its operations across Southeast Asia , South America , Russia , the Middle East and North Africa .
By providing secure , stable and sustainable access to networking resources , Zenlayer helps enterprises across its markets deploy applications near their users , expand their
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