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New report illustrates need for hybrid cloud solution enabling consistent operations across multiple clouds

A new report from Nutanix shows that businesses need the flexibility to use multiple clouds , but the lack of consistent operations hinders them .

Nutanix , a leader in enterprise cloud computing ,

has announced findings of a new report analyzing key challenges and opportunities with hybrid cloud adoption . While most see hybrid cloud as the ideal IT model , the report showed that many struggle to adopt it – with 70 % of organizations believing that their transformation is taking longer than expected .
However , the goal is clear : nearly all respondents ( 95 %) think their organization would benefit from an optimal hybrid implementation providing consistent IT constructs and operations across multiple clouds , eliminating many of the challenges they currently face ranging from operational silos to staffing shortages .
As businesses everywhere struggle to adapt to a new reality , one thing is becoming even clearer : flexibility is crucial to business success . Whether enterprises need to leverage public cloud to deliver remote desktops quickly , consolidate Disaster Recovery sites , move workloads to a private cloud to stave off public cloud capacity concerns or take advantage of on demand capacity bursting , the current global situation has emphasized the need for an adaptable IT infrastructure for many businesses .
But flexibility no longer means using both public and private clouds – it means having a consistent experience , tooling and operational practices across multiple clouds to dramatically simplify the ability to move applications and data to the most appropriate cloud environment .
" Today , modern organizations need to lead with flexibility , and a critical aspect of this is decentralizing resources to make them more readily available ," said Aaron White , Regional Sales Director – Middle East at Nutanix . “ By using multiple clouds , whether public , private or at the edge , businesses can simply bring their IT infrastructure where it is most needed . But , as we saw in the research , this flexibility is only possible with consistent constructs , operations and
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