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With cybercriminals strategically targeting the vulnerability surrounding the pandemic , it ’ s never been more critical to prioritize cyber-resilience and realize it ’ s everyone ’ s responsibility to protect their digital data just as they would their physical health . then a business is more likely to succeed in achieving them . Being physically in the same space can go a long way to support the collective path .
In contrast , “ individuals who perceive themselves to be responsible only for themselves and no one else tend to take greater risks ,” added Dr Rajivan .
While risk taking certainly has its place in business , it ’ s not something you want employees to build into their cybersecurity habits . Building out a plan to keep your business cyber resilient involves getting employees on board and implementing the right tools behind the scenes , like regular security awareness training and backup to help bounce back quickly in the event of a breach . easy enough when doing mundane tasks , such as email processing ,” said Rajivan . He notes this type of distraction can make people vulnerable and even less likely to notice or weigh the potential phishing message ’ s risks properly .
“ Business is a collective of individuals striving toward a common goal . If the collective ’ s goals are aligned ,
Together , preparedness and awareness will go a long way to mitigate business risk .
While work-from-home does help keep us physically safe from COVID-19 , an investment in educating employees and building a plan for cyber-resilience ensures you don ’ t get stuck with a virus ( or worse ) of a different kind . p
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