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Kaspersky opens transparency center in North America

A new Kaspersky transparency centre is to open in North America as the company seeks to invest in trust .

Kaspersky is opening the company ’ s fifth transparency center in North America in partnership with the CyberNB Association .

The facility will start operating in early 2021 and Kaspersky partners will be provided with the opportunity to review its source code and to learn more about engineering and data-processing practices , as well as its product portfolio .
“ The work of our Global Transparency Initiative has been important in North America and we ’ re now accelerating our impact with the opening of a transparency center ,” said Rob Cataldo , Managing Director , Kaspersky , North America .
“ Having a physical location in our region will open new doors for our customers , partners and interested stakeholders to experience all the center has to offer . We also look forward to working with CyberNB and further advocating for higher industry transparency standards through our partnership .”
Network ( CIPnet ) and is excited to welcome the company to the Cyber Centre in early 2021 ,” said Tyson Johnson , CEO , CyberNB .
“ Kaspersky has demonstrated its commitment to transparency as a key component of customer trust , and we know the company will be actively involved with fellow CIPnet members on many important research and development initiatives going forward .”
Earlier in 2020 , transparency centers in Sao Paulo and Kuala Lumpur became fully operational . Kaspersky has also relaunched its first transparency Center in Zurich that has been relocated to the Interxion data center . Moving forward , the company will provide unique access to its customers and trusted partners to experience data security controls and to directly access the company ’ s data management practices for external review and examination .
Kaspersky has also announced the completion of major Global Transparency Initiative milestones by moving data storage and processing activities from Russia to Switzerland . The relocation of data processing and data storage , announced in November 2018 , has been fully completed . In addition to Europe , the United States and Canada , Kaspersky has also relocated data storage and processing for a number of Asia-Pacific countries .
Eugene Kaspersky , CEO of Kaspersky , said : “ Since we announced our Global Transparency Initiative with a number of bold steps , including data-processing and storage relocation , Kaspersky has not only reconfirmed its commitment to being a trusted partner , but anticipated expectations from the market and regulators .
“ In the three years since the announcement we have seen the major transformation of approaches and regulations in data security . We see that investment in trust and transparency is gradually becoming an industry standard , and I am proud of our company for being among the transparency pioneers and trailblazers .” p
CyberNB is a non-profit organization , based in Fredericton , New Brunswick , Canada , that takes an ecosystem approach to improving cybersecurity outcomes through engagement and collaboration with private sector , government , academia , knowledge and skills-building , talent acquisition and workforce development stakeholders .
“ CyberNB is pleased that Kaspersky has joined our Critical Infrastructure Protection
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