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With cybercriminals seeking to make the most of the constant connectivity work-from-home environments create , Tyler Moffitt , Webroot ’ s Security Analyst , tells us , it ’ s never been more vital to focus on cyberresilience . “ Cybercrime is a crime of opportunity , and that opportunity is abundant right now because of the constant connectivity work-from-home environments create ,” he says .
“ COVID-19 themed phishing lures have surged this year with some even claiming to know the location of infected individuals in your city , which also promotes disinformation . With cybercriminals strategically targeting the vulnerability surrounding the pandemic , it ’ s never been more critical to prioritize cyberresilience and realize it ’ s everyone ’ s responsibility to protect their digital data just as they would their physical health .” Turn to p36 to find out what more he has to say about this issue .
Elsewhere , we take a look at how UST Global has deployed solutions from Commvault to optimize backup and Disaster Recovery across global operations . As a leading digital technology service company , UST Global has experienced a data explosion and needed to adopt faster data storage techniques .
Its deployment of Commvault Backup & Recovery has resulted in consolidating backup and recovery of enterprise workloads and end-user data across geographically distributed data centers and users in 25 countries across four continents .
Sunil Kanchi , Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President , UST Global , said : “ Technology changes happen so rapidly in this digital world . Thus our focus is to be ahead of the game in all aspects . Our solution vision is not limited to just supporting today ’ s workloads , but tomorrow ’ s as well . Commvault ’ s native integration with cloud providers and the options that its platform offers represents an investment to us in how we approach the future in an open vendor manner .” You can turn to p61 to read more details .
Starting on p23 we take a look at how a F5 Labs report reveals increasing attacker sophistication is raising global cybersecurity stakes . “ The risk of being phished is higher than ever and fraudsters are increasingly using digital certificates to make their sites appear genuine ,” said David Warburton , Senior Threat Evangelist at F5 Labs .
“ Attackers are also quick to jump on to emotive trends and COVID-19 will continue to fuel an already significant threat . Unfortunately , our research indicates that security controls , user training and overall awareness still appear to be falling short across the world . Phishing attacks will continue to be successful as long as there is a human that can be psychologically manipulated in some way . Security controls and web browsers alike must become more proficient at highlighting fraudulent sites to users .”
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