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cReliable overhead power distribution systems are critical to the efficient

operation of data centres . Starline offers effective power distribution and monitoring solutions for such mission critical environments . Intelligent
CIO talks to David Skeans , the company ’ s VP of International Sales , about how Starline provides its customers with essential reliability , flexibility , scalability and efficient design .
Can you tell me how data center
The other thing that makes it unique is that the loads requirements are changing and why ? are very dense . Computer servers take a lot of power
and they take a lot of power in a small space . So Our business is uniquely focused in one specific area that means that the power density per square foot of data center application which is power distribution – in a data center is very high relative to other types of essentially from the condition power provision , which applications . So you have these two unique needs : is normally UPSs , to the cabinets where the servers reliable power and a high amount of power to a small are deployed . It ' s a very specific subset of the power location . So , we have remained focused on how to distribution of data centers .
Data center power distribution is unique , relative to other types of power distribution , in that it requires a very high amount of reliability – probably the highest amount of reliability for any power distribution application with possibly the exception of nuclear power . succeed in that very specific niche over the last 25 / 30 years . We have grown in the industry , from starting with mainframes to migration to servers .
The biggest change for us obviously is the adoption of flexible power methods or busbar methods for power distribution , but also more recently the changes have
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