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ServiceNow introduces new version of its Now Platform productivity and deliver better experiences . With companies radically changing the way they operate and accelerating Digital Transformation , the Now Platform is enabling the digital speed , agility and resilience every business needs to create the future of work .

Industry leaders , including Nike , Adobe , Deutsche Telekom , Logitech , Medtronic , St . Jude Children ’ s Research Hospital are using the Now Platform to accelerate their Digital Transformation programs to deliver innovation , agility and productivity .
“ In today ’ s challenging environment , organizations worldwide are pivoting fast , adopting new , distributed models of working and creating new workflow-enabled ways of operating with more agile , resilient , digital enterprise value chains ,” said Chirantan ‘ CJ ’ Desai , Chief Product Officer at ServiceNow .

ServiceNow , a leading digital workflow company , has unveiled the Now Platform Quebec release .

This latest version of the Now Platform features expanded native AI capabilities and new low-code app development tools , empowering customers to innovate quickly , realize fast time-to-value , improve
“ Customers are relying on ServiceNow ’ s Now Platform to deliver enterprise digital workflows , create new business models , enhance productivity and enable great customer and employee experiences in any operating environment .
“ This newest version of the Now Platform further enhances the musthave enterprise digital tools customers need today .”

Deloitte teams with NVIDIA to launch the Deloitte Center for AI Computing

Deloitte has announced the launch of the Deloitte Center for AI Computing , a first-of-its-kind center designed to accelerate the development of AI solutions for its clients . Built on NVIDIA ’ s DGX A100 systems , the center brings together the supercomputing architecture and

AI expertise that clients require as they become AI-fueled organizations .
Deloitte has built its foundation on an NVIDIA DGX POD , built from a scalable , tested reference architecture featuring several DGX A100 systems , NVIDIA Mellanox networking and high-performance storage . The Deloitte Center for AI Computing will deliver an accelerated platform that allows Deloitte to co-innovate with clients and expedite the development of new AI applications .
Sam Balaji , Deloitte Global Consulting leader , said : “ As the leading professional services firm , we are delighted to launch the Deloitte Center for AI Computing with NVIDIA
“ The combination of Deloitte ’ s deep industry and Digital Transformation experiences coupled with the powerful supercomputing capabilities of NVIDIA ’ s DGX A100 systems will enable Deloitte to accelerate from ideation to developing , deploying and driving adoption of innovative AI solutions at enterprise clients .”
The center significantly expands Deloitte ’ s ability to develop innovative AI solutions started in the AI Exploration Lab in Austin , Texas , and the AI Factory in Canada .
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