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Dashbot launches Conversational Data Cloud

turns unstructured , noisy , inter-related and often tangled conversational data into immediate action .
Over 50 % of chatbot sessions fail . Optimizing existing bots can reduce failure rate by up to 35 % and reduce escalation rate by up to 57 %.
“ We ’ re expanding beyond reporting and analytics to be able to ingest raw conversational data which can be difficult , but also very valuable for our customers ,” said Andrew Hong , CEO of Dashbot . We ’ re on a mission to decipher language , which is one of the most complex types of data that has ever existed .
“ We listened to our customers that are challenged to make sense of all their conversational data , so we built our Conversational Data Cloud to help businesses automate , analyze and optimize their conversation channels .”
Dashbot ’ s Conversational Data Cloud enables businesses to :

Dashbot , a conversational AI and data platform , has announced the launch of its proprietary Conversational Data Cloud , letting customers build and optimize their chatbots from their businesses ’ own conversational data . Dashbot ’ s Conversational Data Cloud

• Centralize all conversational data including chatbot transcripts , Zendesk , email and live agent voice calls .
• Decipher tens of thousands of daily conversations and transcripts .
• Group similar messages and topics to determine areas of failure and opportunities for new use cases , leveraging its proprietary Machine Learning algorithms .

CBNG and FirstComm deliver upgraded urban connectivity to Ohio businesses

Cambridge Broadband Networks Group ’ s world-renowned VectaStar Flex A2 / A3 variant solution has been deployed by FirstComm ( First Communications ), in its strategy to rollout improved connectivity using licensed spectrum to six metropolitan areas in the state of Ohio .

The A2 / A3 licensed spectrum has seen a surge of interest due to the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) making regulatory changes to the 28GHz spectrum bands .
This Point-to-Multipoint ( PtMP ) solution from Cambridge Broadband Networks Group ( CBNG ) has allowed FirstComm to successfully switch its enterprise customers from the current A1 spectrum to the A2 / A3 spectrum which will provide high-quality connectivity without any downtime .
Jason Beadnell , Manager of Product at FirstComm , said : “ Prior to 2021 we had already used the A1 variant of the VectaStar Flex solution so migrating to the A2 / A3 variant of VectaStar from CBNG was a very natural progression for us .
“ CBNG ’ s global presence and research and development program is unmatched , and their understanding of the unique characteristics of the Local Multipoint Distribution Service PtMP spectrum is second to none .
“ It is the only PtMP provider in the market that is cost competitive and with their support , we can switch our customers seamlessly while continuing our mission of providing carrier class cost-effective networks with high reliability .”
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