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Ivanti research finds that 49 % of employees are frustrated by work provided tech

The report revealed that 49 % of employees are frustrated by the tech and tools their organization provides and 64 % believe that the way they interact with technology directly impacts morale .
It also highlighted that 26 % of employees are considering quitting their jobs because they lack suitable tech ; 42 % have spent their own money on better tech to work more productively ; and 65 % believe they would be more productive if they had better technology at their disposal .

Ivanti , the provider of the Ivanti Neurons automation platform that discovers , manages , secures and services IT assets from cloud to edge , has announced the results of its State of the Digital Employee Experience ( DEX ) study .

Ivanti worked with global Digital Transformation experts and surveyed 10,000 office workers , IT professionals and the C-suite to evaluate the level of prioritization , and adoption of DEX in organizations and how it shapes the daily working experiences for employees .
“ Ensuring positive employee digital experiences is the new cornerstone of modern business IT management ,” said Steve Brasen , Research Director with Enterprise Management Associates .
“ The improvement of workforce productivity helps attract and retain essential talent , accelerates business agility and competitiveness , reduces operational costs , and drives organizational success and profitability .
“ Understanding DEX requirements is the key to adapting related technologies and practices that will support each organization ’ s unique environment .”

SANS report reveals cost of human risk to business cybersecurity

report from SANS Security Awareness has revealed that human

A risk remains the biggest threat to organizations ’ cybersecurity .

The SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report highlights that with an unprecedented number of employees now working in hybrid or fully remote environments , compounded by an increase in cyberthreats and an overwhelmed workforce , there has never been a more critical time to maintain a cyber-secure workforce .
“ People have become the primary attack vector for cyberattackers around the world ,” said Lance Spitzner , SANS Security Awareness Director and co-author of the report . “ Humans rather than technology represent the greatest risk to organizations and the professionals who oversee security awareness programs are the key to effectively managing that risk .”
After analyzing the data of more than 1,000 security awareness professionals worldwide , SANS Security Awareness , a global leader in providing security awareness training , has released its seventh annual SANS Security Awareness Report .
“ Awareness programs enable security teams to effectively manage their human risk by changing how people think about cybersecurity and help them exhibit secure behaviors , from the board of directors on down ,” said Spitzner .
“ This report enables security awareness professionals to make datadriven decisions on how to best secure their workforce and speak to leadership about risk in a compelling way that demonstrates value and support for their strategic priorities .”
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