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We often take for granted the infrastructure necessary to support our increasingly digitized and interconnected world . This demand for bandwidth is only growing , and with it , so is the demand for power .

To accommodate this need , overhead power distribution systems emerged within the data center arena within the past decade or two , and quickly began rising to the challenge of providing increasing amperages of power .
Mission critical facilities need to be larger to accommodate for more servers , and facilities managers need to be able to quickly address this constant need for additional capacity . In order to support the extra elements required , worldwide IT spending on servers , power and cooling , and management / administration has rapidly increased over the past decade . But other than just an increase in costs , the need for a higher voltage of power poses additional challenges .
Past Power : ‘ The Way It Always Was ’
When building a data center , power and cooling are two of the top priorities . Historically , raised floors , or concrete tiles installed onto a steel grid resting on stanchions 2 to 4 feet above a slab floor , have been deployed for cooling purposes . The perforated tiles that make up the floor allow for cool air to flow out of the below passage and onto the server racks . p
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