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DartPoints has announced its plans to complete expansion and extensive electrical upgrades to its Greenville Data Center in South Carolina .
The company will add a power room and electrical service entrance area that can accommodate 17,000 additional square feet .
It will also update electrical systems , including switchgear , generators and electrical distribution .
The upgrades will add much-needed local digital infrastructure , improve security and safety at the facility , and lay the foundations for future scalability .
A pair of engineers from the Rutgers School of Engineering have developed a tool aided by Artificial Intelligence to detect trespassing on railroad crossings and curb fatalities that have been increasing over the past decade .
Asim Zaman , a Rutgers Project Engineer , and Xiang Liu , an Associate Professor in Transportation Engineering at Rutgers , created an AI-aided framework that automatically detects railroad trespassing events , differentiates types of violators and generates video clips of infractions .
The system uses an object detection algorithm to process video data into a single dataset .
Zaman and Liu trained their AI and deep-learning tool to analyze 1,632 hours of archival video footage .


Salesforce has launched the next generation of MuleSoft , a unified solution for automation , integration , and APIs to easily automate any workflow so any technical or non-technical team can adapt to constant change and business complexity .
The solution now includes no-code capabilities to automate repetitive manual tasks using bots with MuleSoft RPA ( Robotic Process Automation ) and quickly connect data from any system , such as Slack , Stripe and Workday , with MuleSoft Composer .
The new capabilities are fully integrated into Salesforce Flow1 , a complete suite of automation technologies across the Customer 360 to help save time , increase productivity and deliver better experiences .


The US National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) has selected Falcon algorithm co-developed as a post-quantum cryptography standard for digital signatures , meaning it is able to withstand attacks from future large quantum computers .
Falcon , selected for its extremely strong security and high bandwidth efficiency , will be included in the NIST ’ s post-quantum cryptography standards expected to be fully defined within the next two years . Thales was the only technology group serving the defence , aerospace and digital identity markets , to take part in the NIST competition .
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