Intelligent CIO North America Issue 24 | Page 41

FEATURE : NETWORK SECURITY modernizing their infrastructure and bolstering critical talent to meet the challenges they face from bad actors .”
Global financial impact
According to the report , when it comes to fraud on a global scale , American citizens are the most frequent victims of debit card fraud of all the countries surveyed . Americans also registered a large percentage of instances when it comes to being victims of credit card fraud , banking fraud or digital payment fraud , when respondents were asked about their experiences using digital payment apps including PayPal , Venmo and Square .
American respondents also spent the most time trying to recover money lost due to fraudulent charges .
However , US credit and debit card users reported the second lowest amount of money lost on fraudulent charges out of the countries surveyed . Only Japan reported a lower amount of losses over the last 12 months , while Germany , by far , was the most
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