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Post University streamlines processes with Anthology solutions

This marks an expansion of the Connecticut-based institution ’ s partnership with Anthology following its initial adoption of Anthology Student and Occupation Insights in 2017 .
Over the past five years , solutions like Anthology Student have saved Post University ’ s centralized administration hundreds of hours daily in manual processes through enterprise-wide data collection , equating to thousands of hours annually that staff can reallocate to more strategic initiatives .
The solutions have also streamlined registration and financial aid , enabling students and administrators to complete critical tasks more efficiently . Processes that previously took weeks now just take a few hours .

Anthology , a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle , has announced that Post University has selected Anthology Milestone and will migrate to Blackboard Learn Ultra to continue providing an exceptional experience and further successful outcomes for students .

In addition , Post University ’ s use of Anthology technology helps the institution process over 3,000 leads each day via its admissions department to help drive enrollment . The enrollment center also directly serves the student population , instantly connecting learners to their advisors to receive the support they need .
“ Thanks to Anthology , we can now meet student expectations in the digital age ,” said Greg Theisen , Post University Chief Information and Technology Officer .

Motorola supplies law enforcement agencies with real-time data

Motorola Solutions has announced the integration of body-worn camera and in-car video systems into CommandCentral Aware , so that law enforcement agencies can access multiple points of view via live-stream video , alongside the location of critical resources .

This is the latest integration for CommandCentral Aware , a cloud-based subscription service that provides a single map and common operational view for capturing and securely disseminating data across public safety systems .
Data from computer-aided dispatch ( CAD ), radio and broadband communications systems , fixed and mobile video sources , license plate recognition solutions , community engagement applications and sensors is unified and location data is displayed to provide greater awareness of incidents as they unfold and help speed incident response .
“ The amount of data we need to capture , analyze and share would be overwhelming without CommandCentral Aware , which consolidates data from our communications and camera systems , so our command staff have ‘ eyes ’ on the scene and our first responders at all times ,” said Mark Garber , Sheriff , Lafayette Parish .
“ It allows us to map personnel and access field-based intelligence , so we can dispatch and manage the appropriate resources . The recent integration of mobile video , alongside fixed , has added a new dimension , giving us multiple vantage points by which to better understand and react to an incident .”
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