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Research reveals public education sub-sector is most ahead , with adoption twice the global average .

Nutanix , a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing , has announced the public sector findings of its global 2022 Enterprise Cloud Index ( ECI ) survey and research report , which measures enterprise progress with cloud adoption , including the US federal government and global public education sub-sectors .

The research showed that more public sector organizations than average have adopted multi-cloud as a primary IT operating model , outpacing the global average . Adoption is expected to nearly double from 39 % to 67 % in the next three years .
Multi-cloud is on the rise and is now the dominant IT architecture in use worldwide , and it ’ s also dominant across the public sector . In fact , the global public education sub-sector reported the largest usage among all ECI respondents ( 69 %), with adoption nearly twice the global average .
Multi-cloud is on the rise and is now the dominant IT architecture in use worldwide .
The US federal sub-sector is also well ahead of the average , with 47 % having adopted multi-cloud . However , the complexity of managing across cloud borders remains a major challenge for public sector organizations as 85 % agreed that to succeed , their organizations need to simplify the management of multiple clouds .
To address top challenges related to cost , security , interoperability and data integration , 75 % agree that a hybrid multi-cloud model , an IT operating model with multiple clouds both private and public with interoperability between , is ideal .
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