Intelligent CIO North America Issue 24 | Page 24

“ The evolution to a multi-cloud IT infrastructure that spans a mix of private and public clouds is underway across the globe , with the public sector on the fast track ,” said Chip George , VP of Public Sector at Nutanix .
“ This evolution requires a dedication to inherent , strong platform security to fully execute on the multi-cloud vision and extend capabilities from the core to the tactical edge . Public sector organizations must look to hybrid multi-cloud solutions that meet security requirements while delivering visibility , manageability
The evolution to a multi-cloud IT infrastructure that spans a mix of private and public clouds is underway across the globe .
and consistent policy-enforcement coupled with tight cost control across environments .”
Public sector survey respondents were asked about their current cloud challenges , how they ’ re running business and mission-critical applications now , and where they plan to run them in the future . Respondents were also asked about the impact of the pandemic on recent , current and future IT infrastructure decisions , and how IT strategy and priorities may change because of it .
Key findings from this year ’ s report :
• Public sector organizations face multi-cloud challenges , including securing their data across multiple clouds ( 49 %), application mobility ( 47 %), security ( 46 %) and managing costs ( 45 %). Additionally , given that nearly all ( 97 %) of US federal , 86 % of public education , and 87 % of all global public sector organizations cited they lack some IT skills to meet current business demands , simplifying operations is likely to be a key focus for many in the year ahead . However , IT leaders are realizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the cloud , making hybrid multi-cloud ideal according to the majority of respondents ( 75 %). This model will help address some of the key challenges of multi-cloud deployments by providing a unified cloud environment on which security and data governance policies can be applied uniformly .
• Public sector organizations are optimistic about application mobility . Application mobility is a critical multi-cloud and cloud-smart optimization enabler , and while 75 % of public sector organizations moved one or more applications to a new IT environment over the last year , it ’ s well below the average across industries ( 91 %). Those that did cited improving security and / or meeting regulatory requirements ( 33 %), gaining control ( 31 %) and performance ( 30 %) as the top drivers . Moreover , 76 % agreed that moving a workload to a new cloud environment can be costly and time-consuming , versus 80 % of all respondents across industries ,
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