Intelligent CIO North America Issue 24 | Page 28


Survey finds three in five CIOs would replace half or more of their current technology if possible

A new global research study from Lenovo reveals how the CIO role has evolved , shedding light on growing areas of responsibility and increasing influence in the C-suite , as well as removing barriers to business growth .

Technology is currently the nervous system that connects corporate strategy , finance , innovation , operations and talent . CIOs are increasingly tasked with connecting with key stakeholders across the organization to ensure alignment and drive execution .
With IT enmeshed in every facet of a business , CIOs believe that their organizations must continue to invest in Digital Transformation to remain relevant . Key findings from Lenovo ’ s global survey of more than 500 CIOs include :
• Nearly all CIOs surveyed believe their roles have evolved and expanded in the past few years , and that they are being asked to make business decisions that go farbeyond technology .
• Nine-in-10 CIOs say that their role and responsibilities have expanded beyond technology , including non-traditional areas such as data analytics and business reporting ( 56 %), sustainability / ESG ( 45 %), DE & I ( 42 %), HR / talent acquisition ( 39 %) and sales / marketing ( 32 %).
• 82 % say the CIO role has become more challenging compared with just two years ago
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