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Greisy Flores is the Senior Global Product Manager of the Digital Adoption Platform at Nestlé . Her role involves developing and managing different IT products that can aid Nestle employees , keeping a razor-sharp focus on the user experience to ensure positive business outcomes .

Can you tell us about your career journey so far ?
My career started in manufacturing . I worked for Coca-Cola right out of college and in 1995 I was hired by the Perrier Group of America , which would ultimately become Nestlé Waters . I spent several years in manufacturing and warehousing before going to work at the corporate offices as a Business Analyst . That is where I made the switch to IT , around 2002 .
Learning Center the goal was to embed learning in the workflow and make it easier for people to learn how to use technology . We didn ’ t realize it right away , but we were also creating a new mindset . People were learning to use new technologies and applications the same way they were learning anything else , in classrooms using PowerPoints and without handson practice . There was also no way to measure the effectiveness of technical training nor were we able to measure the impact it had on productivity .
What were some challenges you found when creating the Technology Learning Center ?
The main challenge was overcoming old ways of thinking , which is still hard .
Greisy Flores , Senior Global Product Manager of the Digital Adoption Platform at Nestlé
After some challenges with IT training , I became very interested in finding new ways for our employees to learn how to use technology . Eventually , after a bit of persuasion , my manager created a new position in the team which I used to develop a new learning and training approach . That is what led me to my current position .
First , I had to convince the right people in the organization that even though they were investing in digital tools to collect and analyze data and to execute business processes , it was not enough . They needed to allocate resources and invest money into digital adoption and digital adoption solutions .
Can you tell us a bit more about Nestlé , how it started and its mission ?
Nestlé is the good food , good life company . We unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone , today and for generations to come . Our history began in 1866 , when German-born pharmacist Henri Nestlé developed a breakthrough infant food by combining cow ’ s milk , wheat flour and sugar for consumption by infants who could not be breastfed to tackle high mortality rates .
In 1905 the company he founded merged with Anglo-Swiss , to form what is now known as the Nestlé Group . For over 150 years , we have been applying our expertise in nutrition , health and wellness to help people , families and pets live happier , healthier lives . We constantly aim to push the boundaries of what is possible with food , beverage and nutritional health products to promote better health , greater accessibility and affordability , effortless preparation , protection of our natural resources and enjoyment .
How did the center first come about and what are its main aims ?
The team and program started in 2016 with a focus on Performance Support . When I created the Technology
The second challenge is that , in many companies , digital adoption is the responsibility of the employee , or the user of the technology . It is up to them , after only a few hours of training , to know all about the application including the advanced features .
They are also expected to keep up with new releases and changes to the applications . When something doesn ’ t work , each application has its own support process , adding even more complexity . The burden is on the user . We needed to break that paradigm . We needed to say no , the responsibility of adoption usage is with the application owner , not with the receiver of the application .
What is WalkMe and why did you choose to implement its Digital Adoption Platform ?
WalkMe is a cloud-based Digital Adoption Platform that helps organizations like Nestlé to accelerate their Digital Transformation and better realize the value of their software investments .
The reason for choosing WalkMe is because our IT organization is becoming a product-based organization , which means that IT Product Teams are responsible for the adoption of their products . The paradigm shift
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