Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 | Page 24

TRENDING business challenge , well ahead of concerns such as product shortages ( 36 %) and wage growth ( 28 %). organizations will need to rely on external expertise to achieve their cloud goals , as they continue to shed legacy infrastructure and ask the cloud to do more .”
IT talent is hard to find – and keep
The survey underscores a growing talent dilemma for local IT leaders , with more than half ( 52 %) of all respondents citing talent shortages as a major
There are a number of barriers standing in the way of that transformation , most notably a dearth of IT talent .
Companies are employing a variety of tactics to attract new IT talent , including promoting opportunities for training and development ( 43 %), offering hybrid / flexible / work-from-home schedules ( 37 %), increasing starting salaries ( 31 %). A total of 23 % are being even more aggressive , luring talent with large starting salaries or increases , while 16 % are offering sign-on retention agreements and 15 % are offering signing bonuses .
The cloud is here to stay – and it ’ s growing
“ We have seen an evolution in the cloud discussion , away from some of the table stakes topics such as agility and scalability , and toward more sophisticated uses of cloud , such as containers and edge , that is shaping the future ,” added DeVerter .
“ Not only are people excited to close their data centers . They are also more apt to take on more risk than they had been in the recent past .”
According to the survey , the majority of local respondents uses multi-cloud , with majorities saying they are using either AWS , Azure and / or Google Cloud . In addition , 73 % are already finding new uses for single
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