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Regulations such as these can land businesses in real trouble if they get it wrong but , if they get them right , it ’ s a competitive advantage because companies are often too nervous to approach it . platform that isn ’ t just relating data from point A to point B but is creating data in a way that ’ s well understood , compliant and moves it into a data structure that represents the business .
Businesses should also remove things that may introduce bias – consider removing gender completely from your data , because there ’ s no gender for any of the models to use , room for gender bias can be significantly reduced .
Finally , think about the desired outcomes . For example , optimizing your ad spend is one example which can save money and which you can drive via conversion . Once you ’ ve got that data , what is the activation you want to start with ? Once you ’ ve got the philosophy , you can continue to add more activations on top , ensuring consistently credible data .
What are some of the shortcomings of CDPs and what should an efficient and effective CDP offer ?
Handling customer data is always a very sensitive activity . Businesses should look for CDPs or a
Moving data around in a structure that doesn ’ t quite fit a business creates more work , more room for errors and more complexity .
Third-party data creation and data collection is becoming more regulated and more companies such as Apple are specifically removing the ability for third parties to capture this data .
At Snowplow , we deliver all data first-party which means that with Snowplow you are the custodian of your data , it actually sits within your infrastructure , removing your dependency on 3rd parties to provide these insights .
As custodian of our customers ’ data , you need to make sure that we do the right thing for your customers , ensuring that data is protected all while ensuring the data is customized for your businesses use cases . That ’ s a powerful feature for a CDP . p
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