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Imply helps Atlassian provide product usage analytics for its customers

Atlassian ’ s Confluence Analytics Experience team builds user-facing analytics features for Confluence , an industry-leading team workspace cloud application . The features surface user-behavior insights to the end-user resulting in increased adoption and higher engagement on the Confluence product .

The development team building Confluence Analytics needed a high-powered database that could meet the needs of the analytics features embedded within Confluence .

The database had to deliver an interactive experience at high concurrency to support the large number of users of its cloud application , and serve as an underlying database that was flexible and extensible for new features and data and user growth without compromising performance .
To meet these critical requirements , the Confluence Analytics Experience Team chose to deploy Imply Enterprise Hybrid , a complete , real-time database built from Apache Druid that runs in Atlassian ’ s VPC with Imply ’ s management control plane . This replaced usage of the Postgres database for event-based data , which was plagued with limitations .
The previous solution required the team to write a lot of custom code for handling large aggregations because it was unable to scale beyond two years of data retention at varying granularities . This meant queries that were error-prone and maintenance-heavy .
About Atlassian
Atlassian is a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software , including Confluence , Jira and Trello .
In addition , pre-aggregations of data in PostgreSQL provided aged data to users resulting in sub-optimal user experience . The application ’ s response time was several seconds , whereas the application was required to return results within milliseconds .
Atlassian ’ s Confluence Analytics Experience Team needed a partner who could assist them in their rapid and continuous growth . They found that partner with Imply . Imply delivered the enterprise distribution of Apache Druid , which was not only blazingly fast and reliable , but was also effortless to manage .
With Imply , the Atlassian Confluence Analytics Experience Team has achieved more than they anticipated . They have seen massive performance improvements of up to 5X previous results with low latency of 100 msec or less .
They ’ re now able to increase data retention up to five years or more . They also have the ability to do funnel analysis on up to two years of data with no issues on real-time data ingestion and aggregation . Better still , they can now easily manage cluster configurations using Imply Manager . p
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