Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 | Page 83

FINAL WORD hardware , IT leaders have little time to dedicate to the unstructured data management problem .
2 . Managing carbon footprint . Environmental , Social and Governance ( ESG ) policies are high on the agenda of almost every major enterprise today . From sourcing responsibly to reducing carbon footprint , end-users and investors are increasingly judging the organizations they work with on their ESG performance . IT leaders must be proactive in understanding the impact of IT operations in the context of new ESG policies and guidelines .
3 . Handling risks . Unstructured data must be handled with care . While often compared to the new ‘ oil ’, unstructured data is more like the new uranium . IT leaders can use it to their advantage , similar to how uranium has been converted into nuclear energy , but it also presents several risks such as susceptibility to ransomware , data exposure accidents , insider maliciousness and more .
4 . Maximizing unstructured data value . All of the unstructured data sitting on a network has the ability to weave together a story about the particular company , customers , services and products . The information can direct the trajectory of an organization ’ s future . The problem is IT leaders need modern purpose-built tools when it comes to extracting that valuable information .
Finding the right unstructured management solution
IT leaders need an unstructured data management solution that will act as a ‘ trusted steed ’ to enable them to visualize , organize and optimize their entire data landscape via one single pane of glass . Doing
Managing unstructured data today can easily seem like it ’ s like being in the Wild West , but it doesn ’ t have to be .
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