Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 | Page 21

LATEST INTELLIGENCE now-remote workers didn ' t have a corporate laptop and were using their personal machines .
The last priority , operational efficiency , is something that most organizations are still figuring out to this day as we see evolutionary changes in application usage patterns and business dynamics in the era of COVID .
The big realization among business and technology leaders was that the old way of operating and securing the business IT infrastructure was not working .
Security and network teams started receiving and asking questions like :
• Why should an employee have to learn how to VPN into company headquarters only to access an application hosted in the cloud ?
• Why are we using on-premises hardware to secure remote user traffic destined to a cloud service ? This is inefficient and a burden on resources .
• Why give employees ( assuming it really is them since they ' re remote and maybe we can ' t be sure ) access to an entire corporate network via VPN , when all they need is access to a single application hosted on the company ' s internal server ?
• More often than not , this internal server is now located in the cloud , so why are the users going through on-premises security stack only to hairpin back out to the internet ?
A new approach to security is needed . An approach that ensures more uniform visibility and control across the use of web , cloud , and private apps ; and at the same time makes certain there are measures in place protecting sensitive data at every point it could be moved outside the realm of the organization ' s control . p
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