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Yellow . AI expert on improving e-commerce through an omnichannel experience

E-commerce dependence on digital communication has drastically elevated since the pandemic . With digital now at the heart of e-commerce , how can businesses cut ties with traditional communications and embrace the best software to enhance their customer experience ? We speak to Neil Barman , Chief Growth Officer for Yellow . AI , about how an omnichannel experience can keep up with modern consumers ’ needs and expectations .


What is the current state of the customer within the e-commerce space ?
COVID-19 has forever altered the retail landscape . Only now is a retail rebound starting to take place , with approximately 75 % of US consumers having moved online in the last 12 months . While e-commerce is not something new , it ’ s likely to become a larger part of the retail ecosystem .
Currently , customers expect a seamless online experience and to be delighted when interacting with a brand , regardless of whether they ’ re online . A large majority of consumers reported that they are more likely to do business with a brand that is omnipresent and offers a consistent conversation with them across channels of their choice .
This is where conversational AI will play the role of an enabler for these retailers , by allowing organizations the chance to connect with the customers at every stage of the journey . This must happen with the customer being in control of the conversation . Conversational AI will deliver the edge brands are looking for and make it possible for retailers to offer omnichannel support , providing a frictionless journey leading to products being bought .
Why are so many businesses stuck in traditional communications and how is this discouraging customers ?
Recently , a global luggage and accessories brand told me : ‘ Innovation does not necessarily mean digital , it means innovative ways of reaching out to customers ’. I think a lot of this is misleading , with user experience ( UX ) often being confused for customer experience ( CX ), for example . Only now are we seeing businesses waking up to the importance of CX and Digital Transformation .
The pandemic gave digital approaches tremendous tailwind and encouraged businesses to adopt
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