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Our increasingly digital economy has pushed IT leaders to the forefront . With the multitude of new challenges in an environment increasingly dominated by hybrid and remote work models , the only constant you can count on when it comes to technology is change .

The best IT leaders must-have a clear long-term vision to help ensure that the Digital Transformation most organizations are currently undertaking will match and enhance the overall strategy of their business .
IT is a constantly changing field that requires dedication , flexibility and especially vision .
At the same time , over the last several years many organizations have struggled to come to terms with new ways of remote working .
To keep up , many firms are accelerating their Digital transformation plans by three to four years , in order to securely accommodate increasing numbers of remote employees . Those that have been successful , have been fortunate to have forward thinking IT leaders who could not only adapt but were able to collaborate with key stakeholders to enable the right path forward .
Considerations for IT leaders include :
• Remember , an overburdened legacy operating model is unable to support current and future strategic objectives , plans or business models
• Always shape the current IT operating model to support the overall business objectives
• Manage interdependencies between enterprise operations , business unit models and the operating model for IT across the enterprise
• Leverage data from customers and employees and how they interact in a remote world to help with Digital Transformation
IT is a constantly changing field that requires dedication , flexibility and especially vision . What is needed today , may completely change tomorrow . If I were to offer one piece of advice , it would be that you had better be a good juggler – as you never know what ’ s coming and every day is a school day – and that ’ s what makes IT an exciting and challenging career .
At our own company , G-P ( Globalization Partners ), we encourage IT leaders to work across the organization to enable the most transparent , transformative and ever-evolving technology and make sure it ’ s at the heart of everything we do on a daily basis .
To find true success from a business perspective , IT leadership must form new ways of breaking down departmental silos to interact and collaborate with the rest of their organization . This will help ensure long-term business resilience by enabling a culture that works together to solve big picture challenges and ensures the sharing of vital information throughout the organization .
By viewing technology as part of the overall business ecosystem , it becomes one of many tools that help ensure the overall success of an organization .
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