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Intelligent CIO magazine for the North America region . This month ’ s cover features Jim Horlacher , EVP , Chief Information Officer of Corporate One . We take a look at how Corporate One Federal Credit Union , a provider of wholesale financial services to hundreds of US credit unions , has partnered with OutSystems to launch digital services that members could consume and adapt at speed and scale .
Horlacher told us : “ OutSystems Sentry gave us the peace of mind we were looking for , which was important considering we are handling sensitive financial data for hundreds of credit unions and millions of their members .”
Hundreds of member credit unions access applications developed on OutSystems that help Corporate One stay relevant in a fastchanging financial market .
“ The results have been phenomenal ,” said Horlacher . “ We ’ ve grown our credit union customer base by two-thirds . Credit unions were amazed that we could tailor the PPP application to their guidelines inside two hours . And they ’ ve had ringing endorsements from claimants about the user experience .” To find out more , turn to p56 .
Elsewhere in the magazine , we take a look at how Nobu Hospitality has standardised on Aruba to deliver five-star guest experiences .
Providing a superior guest experience in the hospitality industry is crucial to success in today ’ s digital age and offering anything less is simply out of the question .
Nobu Hospitality therefore required highly secure and reliable Wi-Fi , as well as a range of IoT applications , that help provide a superior experience for its guests . Rodney Linville , Global Corporate Director of IT for Nobu Hospitality , explains how Aruba enabled this .
“ The Aruba infrastructure allows us to easily layer services and add applications that will deliver the customer experience our guests are seeking , as well as help our employees become more efficient ,” said Linville . For more details , turn to p61 .
In this month ’ s CIO Opinion , Ray Overby , CTO and Co-founder of Key Resources , tells us that CIOs and CISOs who surround themselves with the right support can make up for their own gaps in mainframe knowledge while building a more automated and effective mainframe security estate .
He tells us : “ Most CISOs understand the risk to distributed IT systems , but the mainframe tends to get overlooked or taken for granted in conversations about holistic corporate IT strategy . That ’ s scary , given how central the mainframe is to most enterprises – up to 87 % of the world ’ s credit card transactions are executed on mainframes , for example .”
Turn to p44 to read more of his opinions .
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