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KORE delivers IoT SAFE solution for Massive IoT use cases with AWS using AWS IoT Core to decrease security challenges associated with global Massive IoT and large-scale IoT deployments .

The KORE OmniSIM SAFE connectivity solution is an innovative eSIM approach that uses the Global System for Mobile Communications Association ( GSMA ) IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End ( SAFE ) standard .
This standard enables device manufacturers and IoT providers to use the SIM as a root of trust to protect IoT data communications . This enables a standardized , device-level approach to security .

KORE , a global leader in IoT solutions and worldwide IoT

Connectivity-as-a-Service ( CaaS ), is using Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) to simplify deploying , managing and securing Massive IoT solutions .
With myriad network connectivity technologies and widespread and oftentimes remote or hard-to-reach devices , the security risks can be heightened . KORE has introduced its OmniSIM SAFE
AWS IoT Core connects with the SIM to simplify secure device provisioning and management , as well as message routing to AWS services .
KORE President and CEO , Romil Bahl , said : “ IoT security can be an area of concern across industries due to a lack of standardization and a fragmented ecosystem – this broadened landscape of devices exposes more security attack surfaces in kind . We are proud to deliver innovation in IoT security by using AWS .”

ManageEngine launches new data centers in Canada

ManageEngine , the enterprise IT management division of Zoho

Corporation , is opening two new Canadian data centers in Toronto and Montreal .
The new centers allow regional customers to benefit from greater data sovereignty , data residency and enhanced security , as well as greater ease-of-use and functionality . This includes encouraging existing onpremises customers who are looking to make the switch to the cloud .
“ We recognize that Canada is a growing technology market , one that is very important for ManageEngine and has already demonstrated remarkable growth year over year . The investments in local data centers are a testament to our commitment to this region and will help our customers comply with local regulations in terms of data sovereignty , privacy and security ,” said Rajesh Ganesan , President , ManageEngine .
“ The new data centers and their operations carry all the required certifications , which assures our customers that their data is securely stored only within Canadian boundaries .”
Prior to this expansion , ManageEngine had 12 data centers worldwide , with Canadian customers having their data serviced by US-based data centers in Central Washington and Dallas .
Looking ahead this year , ManageEngine plans to further boost its Canadian presence and continue to service the dynamic and evolving needs of an acknowledged critical and evolving technology market .
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