Intelligent CIO North America Issue 31 | Page 46

Focus on constructive criticism and more positive communication methods . make a difference . Start a suggestion box . Not only might you get amazing ideas from team members outside of traditional security roles , but people are much more likely to adopt your mission if they feel they have contributed to making it . sure your organization knows you provide a safe way to learn from mistakes or failure .
7 . Finally , welcome feedback and help . Cybersecurity culture should not be a oneway street . Communication should flow both ways and across the entire organization . Create an information security council that includes stakeholders in all departments , not just IT and security . This conveys that you believe everyone ’ s feedback matters . Make sure employees know you have an open-door policy where everyone ’ s feedback and input
Now more than ever companies in all industries and of all sizes must adopt cybersecurity policy . One of the best and most effective ways to do that is by curating a healthy organization-wide cybersecurity culture , and the list doesn ’ t stop with the above . Additional tips and tactics include making your security mission personal to employees , helping your organization understand cybersecurity is a team sport and appointing someone who owns accountability for the program to drive it . However , starting with the five key tips discussed here will help you start building out a cybersecurity culture that will stick within all levels of your organization . p
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