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services . It can also eliminate any unnecessary processes and ensure that teams throughout the business are better managing their material efficiency and waste output . Additionally , inexperienced decision-makers should consider the advice of an expert – or an experienced consultant in large-scale projects – so that they can guide the project through a tailored program designed to meet the needs of the organization or facility .
Striving for more sustainable practices
The healthcare sector should strive for operational excellence while continuing to accelerate Digital Transformation plans .
There is no one-size-fits-all method when taking on any transformation project and it can be difficult for many healthcare organizations
Charles Cao , Head of Operations and Strategy at Colorado-based Conga
outcomes Digital Transformation should drive before attempting a project .
For Digital Transformation programs to be successful , it ’ s important to take a step back and reassess the current day-to-day operations . In doing so , healthcare leaders will need to review different aspects of their organization , stage-by-stage , and identify key areas in need of improvement as they progress along their sustainability evolution .
Moreso , as the sector looks to adopt more digital initiatives and reduce their carbon or paper footprint , it should first consider how to integrate key environmental factors within core business logic and identify which digital technologies will help to achieve sustainability goals . With this , it may also discover further existing processes that may need to be addressed or that require additional adjustments .
However , achieving sustainability can be a difficult and demanding journey – much like Digital Transformation . For progress to stay on track and to ensure their success , healthcare organizations should consider establishing a sustainable technology framework . A framework can help organizations to determine and establish key areas of improvement when delivering their healthcare and administrative to undergo . However , with sustainability goals at the forefront of many corporations across various industries , Digital Transformation solutions must align with sustainability goals . Only then will the healthcare sector be able to drive the sustainable environmental change that is greatly needed . p



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