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any room and quality control the signal . We can state with confidence that the video is leaving the decoder and going to the display or a number of displays .”
The Eagles ’ initial success with Visionary led to a significant expansion in the project ’ s scope . Sullivan said : “ We started with a few training rooms and we ’ re finalizing a large-scale replacement where we have phased out every single large-frame video matrix and replaced it with Visionary ’ s PacketAV Matrix Series .


We are utilizing Visionary ’ s PacketAV Matrix Series to distribute video through our training facility and stadium .”
Sullivan said : “ We integrated Visionary ’ s PackeTV AVN series H . 264 IPTV Encoders to distribute local video feeds from the scoreboard , production and television truck to the stadium suites . There are 1,400 HD television endpoints in the stadium complex . The televisions were initially integrated in 2014 , therefore , the system had higher latency and lower picture quality . The PackeTV AVN Series H . 264 IPTV encoders provided a solution to update our existing infrastructure and provide a solution with lower latency and higher video quality . We were transitioning to 1080p and required an encoder that could handle 1080p . The PackeTV AVN series H . 264 IPTV encoders created a reliable solution to distribute time-aligned video between each display in the stadium suites .”
Visionary ’ s PackeTV IPTV ecosystem , including the PackeTV AVN Series H . 264 IPTV Encoder , is a modular , end-to-end solution for any organization . It is designed to deliver and manage real-time and recorded video over virtually any network . The PackeTV AVN Series H . 264 IPTV Encoder transforms live video sources into full-screen , full resolution , Internet Protocol Digital Video , compatible with multicast , webcast and videoon-demand protocols .
Visionary ’ s PacketAV Matrix Series has provided the Eagles with a new level of flexibility . “ During COVID-19 , we had to relocate and reconfigure the traditional meeting space ,” said Sullivan . “ We cleared an entire building floor . It was originally cubicles , but we turned the floor into a large meeting room because those individuals were staying at home . We took one encoder from the auditorium and sent it to 10 decoders across different rooms within the building . Traditionally , it would require a large AV integration and a significant investment . With Visionary ’ s PacketAV Matrix Series , we could repurpose Ethernet connections and add a few displays to create a new meeting space . Visionary ’ s PacketAV Matrix Series , paired with QSC Q-SYS , is the Swiss Army Knife of AV integration .”
Visionary ’ s PacketAV Matrix Series provides powerful cinema-quality , ultra-low latency video resolutions while bypassing the constraints of traditional switch matrix distribution systems . The final result is a system that performs flawlessly . “ We were concerned the coaches would notice a difference in quality , compression and latency between the HDMI and IP-based solutions ,” said Sullivan . “ The football coaches are using a handheld trigger and they are expecting an immediate response when they press play . Immediately , we realized Visionary ’ s IP solution paired with a capable network
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