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Casey ’ s delivers more personalized customer experiences with Salesforce

By consolidating fragmented technologies and moving to Salesforce , Casey ’ s has increased customer engagement and automation , activating more marketing with less spend .
Salesforce technology helps drive success for Casey ’ s
Casey ’ s used the experience and innovations from Salesforce consulting partner Deloitte Digital to better implement the Genie Customer Data Cloud for its specific business needs , which led to faster and better results . Today , Salesforce is delivering success now for Casey ’ s and companies across every industry in a time when businesses and consumers are being more measured with their spend .
Since beginning their work with Salesforce , Casey ’ s has built a new ecommerce website , launched mobile apps , a loyalty program , and partnered with third-party delivery companies with Salesforce as the capability to market directly to all customers engaging through these experiences . Casey ’ s is now sending 200 million personalized messages a month to their subscriber base , specifically tailored to each customer ’ s purchasing history .

Salesforce , a global leader in CRM , has announced that Casey ’ s General Stores , the third-largest convenience store retailer and the fifthlargest pizza chain in the United States , has experienced increased revenue and engagement with its customer base with the help of Salesforce technology . This has assisted in sending over 1 billion marketing messages to their more than 5.5 million Rewards loyalty members this year .

By consolidating marketing technology vendors across their business , Casey ’ s has been able to harness a holistic and organized view of all its customers , making for more personalized engagement , saving time and money , reducing complexity and increasing revenue .
Casey ’ s uses automation , Genie Customer Data Cloud to boost revenue and reduce marketing complexity
Today , 44 % of commerce organizations are prioritizing lowering costs over the next two years and 79 % of organizations say using automation tools increases their productivity .
Casey ’ s has set a strong foundation to enable its shift toward automated personalization .
With over 13 million customer profiles in the Genie Customer Data Cloud , 150 profile attributes , and 6 billion engagements captured , 30 % of Casey ’ s digital revenue is driven by marketing channels activated through Salesforce .
Evolving digital experiences with Salesforce has also enabled Casey ’ s to re-engage lapsed buyers , influence new loyalty program members to make purchases , and incentivize frequent buyers to make additional purchases . Today , Casey ’ s leverages multiple Salesforce products , including : Genie Customer Data Cloud , Marketing Cloud , MuleSoft and Service Cloud .
“ Casey ’ s is an innovative brand that has been able to use real-time data to become a customer company . Using Salesforce , Casey ’ s has been able to consolidate marketing tech tools on to a single platform , while unifying data from within Salesforce and elsewhere to create tailored customer experiences ,” said Bobby Jania , SVP , Marketing Cloud , Salesforce . p
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