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Nutanix study shows data management becoming more complex as cloud deployments diversify

Organizations want a single hybrid multicloud platform to run applications and manage data across diverse IT environments .

Nutanix , a leader in hybrid multicloud computing , has published its fifth global Enterprise Cloud Index ( ECI ) survey and research report , which measures enterprise progress with cloud adoption .

Nearly all respondents say they ’ d benefit from having a single , unified control plane to manage applications and data across diverse environments .
This year ’ s ECI showed that IT infrastructure is increasingly diverse with organizations challenged with integrating data management and control .
The research showed that the majority of IT teams leverage more than one IT infrastructure , a trend that ’ s expected to intensify in the future , but struggle with visibility of data across environments with only 40 % reporting complete visibility into where their data resides .
“ In the coming years , there will be hundreds of millions of applications created , which will generate unprecedented amounts of data ,” said Lee Caswell , SVP , Product and Solutions Marketing , Nutanix .
“ Organizations are grappling with current application and data management across the edge , different clouds and in the core . What this year ’ s ECI shows and what we ’ re hearing from customers is that there ’ s a need in the market for a cloud operating model
Lee Caswell , SVP , Product and Solutions Marketing at Nutanix
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