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Propane reduce average handle time by 30 seconds per call – allowing for 150 more customer inquiries daily without having to scale its team – while improving quality of service .
These insights also shaped the company ’ s onboarding and training processes , helping new hires meet required average handle time within weeks as opposed to months .
Superior Propane receives a high volume of deliveryrelated calls , especially during peak season .
Avaya built a custom integration for Superior Propane that enables customers calling about deliveries to seamlessly self-serve . If a customer gets to the point in the menu for wanting to schedule a delivery , the system will automatically dip into Superior Propane ’ s integrated CRM and search for a matching ANI .
A registered ANI will show all data related to that customer , confirming them in the system to process
Companies today need to move at a pace and path that fits their business needs .
deliveries faster and more efficiently . Customers can connect with a live representative at any point if needed .
The company is using Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager to further streamline service by sending customers automated emails or phone calls to confirm delivery orders – with SMS being eyed for the future .
Up to 800 emails are automated each day , which can easily double during peak season . This ability to self-serve has minimized delivery-related calls so that more Superior Propane Customer Experience Representatives ( CERs ) can handle complex and revenue impacting calls .
If a self-serve customer has an additional inquiry outside of delivery , quality of service is improved with the ability for CERs to focus on a specific subject versus multiple subjects at once . Screen pops are also enabled through this CRM integration , which automatically display customer data , so the CER doesn ’ t have to manually search for it – further lowering average handle time .
“ The capabilities of Avaya enable us to communicate with customers in ways we never have before . They ’ re making a big impact on key metrics like handle time and overall customer satisfaction ,” said Wozniak .
The Avaya solution also proved a perfect foundation for Superior Propane ’ s permanent hybrid work model post-COVID . Among the advantages was a reporting solution sending real-time performance data and instant messages directly to the workstations of individual CERs , teams or the entire contact center .
Employees can view summaries across multiple sites and actionable details for more informed decisionmaking regardless of where they ’ re working with Avaya Desktop Wallboards .
These work-from-anywhere capabilities are crucial for Superior Propane as its footprint continues to grow in North America through acquisitions .
“ The level of support we received from Avaya was impressive from beginning to end ,” said Wozniak . “ Their team fired on all cylinders in terms of technology and they enlightened us about the art of the possible .” p
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