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CASE STUDY consumption as part of their corporate ESG initiatives and broader carbon reduction goals . And with Scope 3 encompassing emissions that are not produced by the client itself , colocation firms are particularly aware that reductions here will quickly become a key differentiator in their marketplace . AI-enabled data center optimization software helps to remove thermal and power risk across estates , enabling your operations teams to continually right-size cooling capacity . EkkoSense customers typically secure between 10 – 20 % reductions in data center cooling energy use .
How are you helping data center teams to ‘ adjust their thermostats ’?
The benefits of raising temperatures in data centers can have a far-reaching positive impact on operating efficiency . Existing cooling units can run more efficiently and chillers will require less power . Adjusting temperature windows will also lead to significant energy efficiency gains across the whole cooling chain . However , raising operating temperatures will also require much more granular environmental monitoring than is generally seen today , along with new methods to understand , analyze and act on the implications of this change . That ’ s where EkkoSense can help .
What kind of results and benefits are we seeing from this kind of AI-enabled software optimization ?
Organizations working with EkkoSense are now able to see the benefits of AI and Machine Learning data center performance optimization in action . In contrast to thermal consultants who may just suggest potential improvements , operations teams working with EkkoSoft Critical experience a number of key benefits , including :
• Removing thermal and power risk – by identifying potential risks earlier , eliminating thermal hotspots and achieving 100 % rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance
• Optimizing data center cooling capacity – EkkoSense lets teams release any stranded cooling and power capacity , helping them to run their data centers much leaner
• Minimizing energy waste – EkkoSense helps to optimize performance with data center cooling cost reductions of up to 20 % and deployment within weeks
• Supporting corporate ESG programmes – with quantifiable carbon savings , EkkoSense makes a great partner for data centers and colocation partners looking to deliver on their corporate ESG goals and reporting requirements
• Rapid ROI – with project costs typically covered by cooling energy savings alone and deployment within weeks , EkkoSense customers typically experience ROI < 12 months
Given the continued growth in data center workloads , how realistic are sustainability goals ?
Finding ways to cut carbon usage in data centers is challenging when the broader business demands everincreasing workloads .
However , corporate net zero commitments are unforgiving and data center operations teams need to find answers to this challenge . EkkoSense ’ s EkkoSoft Critical software solution , with its ability to secure data center cooling energy savings and quantifiable carbon reduction , is a great way for data center teams to support their broader corporate ESG commitments . p
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