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Dynatrace enters the Cloud Application Security market

“ Dynatrace Application Security delivers full runtime detection ,” said Julien Bourteele , Chief Information Security Officer at Stelliant .
“ This makes us feel much safer because it ensures we don ’ t have blind spots and we ’ re not wasting time chasing false positives . This helps us innovate faster and with more confidence .”

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has announced its entry into the cloud application security market with the addition of a new module to its leading Software Intelligence Platform . The Dynatrace Application Security Module provides continuous runtime application selfprotection ( RASP ) capabilities for applications in production as well as pre-production and is optimized for Kubernetes architectures and DevSecOps approaches . This module inherits the automation , AI , scalability and enterprise-grade robustness of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform and extends it to modern cloud RASP use cases . Dynatrace customers can launch this module with the flip of a switch , empowering the world ’ s leading organizations currently using the Dynatrace platform to immediately increase security coverage and precision .

Jürgen Plasser , Application Security Management at Raiffeisen Software GmbH , said : “ With Dynatrace Application Security , our DevSecOps teams finally gain the 100 % production run-time visibility they need to defend against vulnerabilities in our Kubernetes environment .
“ Dynatrace ’ s real-time , topology-driven and precise risk assessment allows us to focus our energy where it matters for the business , eliminating wasted time spent working through thousands of false positives .”

Seattle Children ’ s trusts Nutanix to transform employee experience

Seattle Children ’ s has selected Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure ( HCI ) and virtual desktop infrastructure ( VDI ) solutions to quickly adapt to healthcare ’ s changing needs during the pandemic and beyond .

With Nutanix , healthcare workers can now more securely access sensitive data and better support patients in the digital world .
Healthcare organizations need to look to technology partners to build infrastructure that shapes Digital Transformation to meet shifting regulatory and consumer demands . COVID-19 has ushered in a new era for hospital interactions and relationships .
“ COVID-19 has caused a financial crisis , and healthcare is not immune – in addition to caring for our patients , hospitals across the globe are concerned about their business , their revenue and retaining staff and employees ,” said Dr . Zafar Chaudry , Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Seattle Children ’ s .
“ Our plea to every technology partner is to put flexibility first , as Nutanix has done so expertly . We needed an IT infrastructure that is flexible and can be scaled up and down depending on need . That is what every hospital and healthcare provider needs to make it through the other side of COVID-19 and to succeed in their Digital Transformation journey well beyond this pandemic .”
Nutanix transformed the hospital ’ s internal processes , enabling secure video conferencing and making group meetings and team huddles feasible .
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