Intelligent CIO North America Issue 05 | Page 21

Gartner ’ s Dave Cappuccio . To survive , data center infrastructures need to become intelligent .
It is more important than ever to have the intelligent data center monitoring solutions to keep an eye on your most critical resources . In other words , advanced tools are needed to monitor a data center ’ s every “ heartbeat ” with accuracy and in real time . These tools should tell you if there is : enough power , a harmful hotspot , an unauthorized user near an open cabinet , wasteful overcooling , and how new workloads are affecting specific cabinets . Among the tools used in data centers , environmental monitoring sensors play a big role . Like the proverbial miner ’ s canary , environmental sensors have been helping data centers
by monitoring the health around cabinets and providing alerts into potential problems that can jeopardize the performance and life of IT assets . Today , more than ever , data centers of all types – edge , core , and colo ’ s – rely on smarter sensor tools that provide accurate insights to the environmental health in and around IT equipment racks . These tools continue to advance and evolve to meet new data center challenges .
In this paper , we will examine the importance of data center environmental monitoring , explore the variety of monitoring strategies , and how they complement intelligent power monitoring solutions . From there , we ’ ll discuss how to instrument your data center with these tools and provide some real-world use cases . p
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