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• Improved site usability and added functionality which reduced calls to customer support and ultimately enhanced the overall customer experience .
• Alleviated the burden on IT resources by making every site manageable and customizable by even junior level marketing employees .
• Reduced time needed to develop sites from weeks to days and cut time needed for updates from days to hours .
• Completed the entire project in just nine months , including improving customer experience and rolling out over 300 sites .
separate teams could develop the backend web services and the frontend UI in parallel . Liferay also supports Agile methodology , which allows AGIA to work on both simultaneously .
• Multitenancy for parent / child relationship between different sites . AGIA was able to create a single portal and then replicate that content to over 300 client sites . When necessary , any changes to the parent site can also be applied instantly to all child sites . At the same time , individual sites can be easily customized at the child level .
Additionally , CIGNEX used Twitter Bootstrap to manage creating a responsive design that works on desktop , tablet and mobile devices without affecting any data or the user-friendly UI .



• Reduce maintenance and support costs by making sites easily customizable , even by a non-IT team member . In the past , if marketing wanted to make a change to a site , they ’ d have to rely on costly IT resources . Now an entry or mid-level marketing person can make changes themselves . These changes can be completed in hours instead of days , resulting in lower maintenance and support costs .
• Accelerate time-to-market . Using the Agile methodology and Liferay multitenant technology that decoupled the front and backend , AGIA was able to perform much of the development in parallel . In addition , parent / child capabilities that allowed child sites to inherit functionality from the parent enabled AGIA to reduce the time it took to roll out individual client sites from weeks to days . It took just nine months to roll out the entire implementation with 300 plus sites .
With its new site , AGIA Affinity now has the flexibility they need to create individualized sites that meet the needs of each customer while providing easy-to- use self-service for end-users that meets their functional requirements .
Kailash Challagundla , Director Application Development , AGIA , said : “ We at AGIA are extremely happy with the partnership between our development team and CIGNEX Datamatics . CIGNEX became an extension of our team . The project was completed in a very quick timeframe . Customer comments have been solid and we ’ ve had minimal issues since we rolled the sites out to all our clients .” p
AGIA Affinity was able to successfully complete the entire project in just nine months . The partnership with CIGNEX helped to ensure few scope changes and effective project management development and deployment , resulting in much faster development time than previous projects .
• Improve site usability . Not only have customer comments been positive , increased adoption has resulted in fewer phone calls to customer support .
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