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UST Global is a leading digital technology services company that guides Global 1000 companies through their critical Digital Transformation journey to drive higher business value . UST Global specializes in six next generation digital services – design , cybersecurity , mobile , social , analytics and cloud . Headquartered in Aliso Viejo , California , UST Global has more than 17,000 associates and operates in 25 countries across four continents . Data is core to UST Global ’ s business operations and critical in its mission to provide clients with high quality services , as well as its commitment to long-term customer success . UST Global currently manages a large daily load of more than 50 terabytes of businesscritical data assets , from day-to-day operations to sensitive customer information .

Racing ahead of the pack
As a leading digital technology service company , UST Global has experienced first-hand the rapid pace of technological advancement . As a sprawling business with global operations , massive amounts of business information were being created and stored outside of the data center every day . With data explosion came the requirements to adopt faster data storage techniques . UST Global used a tiered storage approach for its primary location , which included a tape-based backup with auxiliary copies to disk and site replication for Disaster Recovery . The offsite replication served both Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity requirements . UST Global then partnered with Commvault to take its DR to the next level , by duplicating entire virtual machines into the DR location . This improvement provides an immense benefit as it allows for warm DR capabilities of both data and applications per individual lines of business . This seamless workload replication moves terabytes of data across data centers , while also taking advantage of built-in Commvault deduplication , data analytics and fast recovery .
Protecting endpoint data at the Edge of the network is an important priority . The goal of mitigating data threats , while still maintaining the ability to find , secure , protect and manage all data resulted in a consolidation of its existing backup and recovery efforts across multiple data centers spanning Thiruvananthapuram , Kochi , Bangalore , Chennai , Manila and the US . This also resulted in improved speed of data restoration for their data center workloads , while also achieving better recovery time and recovery point objectives ( RTO / RPO ). The integration of Commvault Endpoint protection completely in AWS was one of the early adopters in the APAC region , driving location-agnostic data protection for UST Global ’ s top executive users , while still retaining control over all its data – wherever it resided .
“ In this digital world , no business can afford to be down for any considerable time . The acceptable recovery period is narrowing in line with customer expectations , so it is important for us to stay ahead and be prepared for any outages , no matter the cause ,” said Praveen Raveendran , Global Head , IS Infrastructure Team , UST Global .
Adopting Commvault solutions has enabled Disaster Recovery for better Business Continuity and has
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