Intelligent CIO North America Issue 08 | Page 53


Welcome to the Era of the Intelligent Edge

With changes in networking technology transforming the IT landscape , Keerti Melkote , President and Founder of Aruba , a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company , tells us we should prepare for the next phase – the adoption of the Intelligent Edge .

Two significant trends have dominated networking technology during the last decade : the increased demand for mobility and the movement of applications and data to the cloud .

Taken together , these revolutions have completely transformed the IT landscape – from the mobility era , to the cloud era . This shift is now preparing us for the next phase – the adoption of the Intelligent Edge in 2021 .
IT teams will take the next step on this transformational journey to the Intelligent Edge and begin to create the requisite infrastructures . As they do so , it won ’ t just be about connecting constituents to the cloud , but how users and IoT devices are connected , including how using data generated at the Edge can power new experiences and business outcomes . Of course , IT teams will make these moves as the impact of COVID-19 continues to reverberate , requiring the crucial capabilities the Intelligent Edge provides to enable organizations across all industries to more fully support remote workers , deliver the necessary capabilities that allow a safe return to the workplace and enable Business Continuity initiatives .
Then , as we progress into the post-pandemic world , the Intelligent Edge , combined with flexible , As-a-Service consumption models , will provide organizations with the security , insights and flexibility they ’ ll need to adapt to and succeed in what is sure to be an incredibly dynamic business environment .
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