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• Digital . ai Release and Digital . ai Deploy
• GitHub Enterprise
• Jenkins
• Nexus
• Cherwell IT Service Management
• SonarQube , Nexus IQ , Aqua
• OpenShift , AWS , Microsoft Azure , WebLogic , Oracle one-stop shop for almost everything that they need ,” said Heintz .
In addition to release and deployment work , Schneider has used the Digital . ai Value Stream Platform to automate tasks such as configuring infrastructure , patching middleware , upgrading databases , setting up Git repositories and creating change requests . Agile teams can run these processes themselves , so they ’ re no longer stuck searching for the right person to help them .
“ The flexibility of the Digital . ai Value Stream Platform has been key for our success ,” said Heintz . “ The platform gives us endless options for automating IT processes so teams can use services without needing extensive onboarding , additional access or time-consuming approvals . No other tool can do that without custom scripting .”
Schneider ’ s agile teams deliver applications faster with higher quality . Schneider now relies on Digital . ai for a new initiative in its business : a mobile application that will support the thousands of freight carriers it works with every day .
Justin Sachs , Director of Operational Excellence , said : “ While building a brand-new , consumer-grade mobile app , we used Digital . ai Release and Digitial . ai Deploy as key components to automate our Microsoft Azure infrastructure . As we develop and test a digital marketplace that will be used by over 35,000 carriers , our ability to continuously deliver software is key for our success .”
While Schneider has come a long way in its agile and DevOps practices , there ’ s always room to grow . Schneider plans to continue identifying and implementing impactful changes that save time and streamline processes . It also conducts regular information sharing sessions to promote DevOps culture throughout the company . “ We ’ re excited to keep working with Digital . ai to innovate and find ways to make ourselves more efficient , so we can continue to deliver real value to the business ,” said Heintz .
A single source of truth for software delivery
Intelligent CIO asked Shaleen Devgun , CIO at Schneider , further questions about the implementation .
The Digital . ai Value Stream Platform is now Schneider ’ s single source of truth for standardized procedures , real-time information about the status of active tasks and historical information that can be used for continuous improvement . Digital . ai provides all stakeholders with visibility into workflows in one centralized place . Agile teams can easily see where they are in a running process and what tasks are coming up in the flow , while the IT team can see which environments are in use at any given time , so they can plan maintenance work more effectively . In addition , one-click dashboards make it easy for Schneider to see how many release tasks have been automated so far and measure whether the level of automation in its processes is increasing over time .
What do you consider to be the most valuable features of Digital . ai ’ s Release and Deploy solutions ?
Digital Transformation is a key driver of Schneider ’ s strategy and ability to remain competitive .
Transformation is occurring in all areas across the enterprise , and tech has moved into a very strategic position to drive transformation through automation . Orchestrating our release process has made a huge impact on the work we do and Digital . ai ’ s Release and Deploy solutions have played a key role in unlocking accelerated software delivery as part of our DevOps transformation .
“ Because we have Digital . ai as a single source of truth for our processes , we can measure key performance indicators such as lead time from commit to production ,” Heintz said . “ The data Digital . ai captures has also helped us start working on other areas that need attention , such as environment reservations and maintenance scheduling .”
Continuing to grow
The Digital . ai Value Stream Platform provides a solid foundation for the automated processes that help
Can you explain how XL Release has helped you plan , automate and analyze your software delivery pipelines ?
• Plan – Ability to identify all tasks and hand-offs within release process .
• Analyze – By capturing all manual tasks , we gained visibility every step in the process to release software .
• Automate – By gaining visibility to these tasks , we were able to automate tasks to gain efficiencies . Continuously analyzing our pipelines and tasks has continued to a quicker development lifecycle .
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