Intelligent CIO North America Issue 08 | Page 59

How far has XL Release provided insight into your software delivery processes ?
XL Release has forced us to identify all tasks , handoff , tools , etc . If we didn ’ t do that , we wouldn ’ t have been able to develop orchestrated pipelines . Another insight was through uncovering tasks and hand-offs that were not visible previously .
How have XL Release ’ s metrics facilitated you to understand and optimize your processes ?
• Manual verses automated tasks .
• Slowest running tasks and releases .
• Continuously improve based on XL Release metrics .
How has Digital . ai ’ s Deploy Solution facilitated you to realize the benefits of agile , DevOps and continuous delivery ?
• Agile – Pipeline gives agile planning a predetermined path to production that simplifies agile team planning .
• DevOps – Provides automated , reliable and repeatable process to deliver code .
• Continuous delivery – Build once , deploy same artifact many times that inspires confidence . Provides insight to code drift .
How has XL Deploy helped you to deploy a growing number of applications to an increasing number of target systems ?
deployment those variables are injected into a compiled package . For example , we could take the same spring boot service and deploy it to three different cloud providers with little to no extra effort .
Why have the products become your developers ’ go-to-solutions ?
XLD is flexible in that you define your application , environments and infrastructure . At the time of
• 30-plus agile teams using repeatable Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation pipelines in the Digital . ai Value Stream Platform
• 5X faster application deployment setup than with legacy tooling
• 10X faster application deployment execution than with legacy tooling
• 4 – 6X faster patching of certain environments , with minimal manual work required ( reduced from 13 – 17 hours per environment to less than three )
• Standardized , self-service templates for faster developer on-boarding
• Consistent , repeatable and reliable processes defined by technology .
• User friendly and intuitive to use .
• Easy to onboard new developers .
• Self-service processes with built in governance instead of waiting for teams to complete requests .
• Agnostic , technology-based approach to pipelines creates standardized processes and eliminates reliance of specialized / tribal knowledge .
How have the solutions enhanced your agility ?
Eliminate custom scripting for automated deployments ( three months to onboard automated deployments for a new application to onboarding to an existing technology-based pipeline in less than a day ).
Technology approach to pipelines verses custom scripted process by application build governance into process – automated change creation , for example . p
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