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INDUSTRY WATCH adding new IP addressable devices such as email , computer pop-up messages and VoIP phones .”
Once Eastman completed the initial deployment , it established two different sets of communication templates , one for the manufacturing plant and another for corporate campus . These templates were divided into three categories :
• Integrating Eastman Alert with its SharePoint , allowing it to link to more in-depth information in its alerts and easy access to alert history
Bennett estimates that Eastman sends approximately 600 messages a year , most of which are operations critical messages , as well as testing the system on the last Thursday of each month .
• Operations critical messages : Incidents or events which do not pose any immediate danger to staff . These include accidental discharges , fire standbys , utility load reductions and ambulance calls
• Weather Events : To include severe thunderstorms , high winds and tornados
• Emergencies : Incidents that require an immediate response and may be life-threatening . They include fire with evacuation , hazardous vapor release , explosion or active shooter
“ For both the corporate campus and the manufacturing plant , alerting is managed by our dispatch center , which is staffed by our on-site fire department ,” said Bennett . “ We also have key personnel trained as incident commanders who have authorization to determine the emergency classification and send out any necessary emergency notifications .”
Eastman has made several customizations to BlackBerry AtHoc since deployment , including :
• Customized voice syntax for chemical / material names
• Integrated fire alarm panels in its corporate campus , which houses approximately 1,800 personnel
• The option for employees to receive alerts on personal devices either via mobile app , phone calls and / or text messages
Sending a clear message
In 2017 , an explosion occured in the Kingsport facility ’ s coal gasification plant . It was one of the most significant process safety events in 50 years . This was also a considerable test of Eastman Alert – and it passed with flying colors .
“ We immediately went to our highest category of emergency classification , sending out a Class D alert to all personnel ,” said Bennett .
“ This indicated that a significant event had occurred , which could impact both the site and the community . The Eastman Alert system allowed us to quickly and broadly communicate critical information to ensure that all personnel could get out of harm ’ s way .”
Critical emergencies aside , Eastman is able to effortlessly convey everything from weather issues to medical events . Eastman ’ s Kingsport facility also has the option to act as a host for other sites , allowing for significant internal growth at a reduced cost of infrastructure . Currently , it has deployed its alerting system to five other sites . “ Through BlackBerry AtHoc , we ’ ve been able to communicate both effectively and in a timely manner ,” said Bennett . “ It ’ s really helped keep our employees safe .” p
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