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John Smith , Founder and CTO at LiveAction , tells us there are many important elements to consider when adopting a SASE strategy . He reviews five key areas and explores why they ’ re essential .

Secure Access Service Edge ( SASE ) is an emerging product category that involves integrating SD-WAN , secure remote access ( e . g remote VPNs ) and cloud-based security into a single solution . It promises to increase flexibility around cloudbased infrastructure , reduce costs and complexity , improve performance and better protect users , devices and data .

While many SD-WAN and security vendors have started pivoting to offer SASE solutions , few have delivered a complete solution . As a result , there is confusion in the market around adoption .
According to a recent EMA WAN Transformation Report , 10 % of organizations report they ’ ve completed a SASE deployment and 28 % claim partial implementation . Given that there are so few complete solutions available , EMA believes overmarketing by SD-WAN vendors is
The future of SASE is bright and offers tremendous value for enterprises .
inflating these numbers . Regardless , the future of SASE is bright and offers tremendous value for enterprises . In fact , the increased need for remote user support during the pandemic has spurred much of the sudden acceleration around SASE deployments .
EMA ’ s report showed that a whopping 51 % of respondents have accelerated their SASE projects over the last year .
Furthermore , Gartner predicts that by 2024 , at least 40 % of enterprises will have explicit strategies to adopt SASE , up from less than 1 % at the end of 2018 .
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