Intelligent CIO North America Issue 24 | Page 49

COUNTRY FOCUS : EAST COAST vice delivery and

a better way to discover and track assets . The separate IT teams had their own processes and data repositories .
Previously , as Rock explained there were occasional efforts to take physical inventory and somehow track assets , but it was difficult to execute and data was difficult to maintain with the disparate existing systems in place , which led to a lack of ownership and accountability at all levels .
The pain that drove the effort to modernize
We ’ ll also be able to see how much we spend each year to maintain our technology solutions .
applications or software the city owned , how many versions were being used and how many licenses were in play .
Ultimately , it was apparent Seattle IT needed to standardize and mature its processes to be more efficient . It didn ’ t have a clear picture of which
Rock said : “ With Ivanti , we ' re now bringing all of our assets into a modernized ITSM interface and will be setting up actions , rules and processes for managing
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