Intelligent CIO North America Issue 29 | Page 41

FEATURE : CLOUD tiny processes performing tasks and passing data ( it helped inspire the Go language ); the Actor model has messages passed between multitudes of actors changing internal state ; even the lambda calculus is about discrete functions acting on data .
Object-oriented programming has developers reasoning about objects ( not virtual machines or disks ). And in CORBA , and similar systems , there ’ s the concept of an object request broker allowing objects to run and be accessed remotely in a distributed system without knowing details of where or how the object executes . run on the Supercloud handling the details of code execution and data locality automatically and efficiently .
So whether you write your code by breaking it up into functions or ship large pieces of functionality or entire programs , the foundations of the Supercloud means that your code benefits from its efficiency . And more .
The Supercloud advantage
John Graham-Cumming , CTO , Cloudflare
The theory of computing points away from dedicated machines ( virtual or real ) and to code and data that
The Supercloud makes scaling easy because no one has to think about how many VMs to provision , no one
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