Intelligent CIO North America Issue 29 | Page 43

FEATURE : CLOUD processing around for high efficiency and optimal end-user experience .
Efficient compute and storage , a global network that ’ s everywhere everyone is , bound together by software that turns the globe into a single cloud . The Supercloud .
Welcome to the Supercloud
The Supercloud is performant , scalable , available , private and cost-efficient . Choosing a region for your application , or provisioning virtual machines , or working out how to auto-scale containers , or worrying about cold starts seems ridiculous , hard , anachronistic , a waste of time , rigid and expensive .
Happily , Cloudflare ’ s been building the alternative to that traditional cloud into our network and our developer platform for years . The Supercloud . The term may be new , but that doesn ’ t mean that it ’ s not real . Today , we have over a million developers building on the Supercloud .
Each of those developers wants to get code running on one machine and perfect it . It ’ s so much easier to work that way . We just happen to have one machine that scales to the size of the Internet : a global , distributed supercomputer . It ’ s the Supercloud and we build our own products on it , and you can join those one million developers and build on it too .
We ’ ve been building the Supercloud for 12 years , and five years ago opened it up to developers through Cloudflare Workers . Cloudflare Workers was built for scale and performance since day one , by running on our global network . p
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