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TOWARDEX completes open access utility entrance for CoreSite ’ s Boston data center

cloud , IT and network providers , like TOWARDEX ,” said Matt Gleason , VP General Management for CoreSite .
“ With the completion of this additional utility entrance , CoreSite continues to expand our already robust connectivity ecosystem with new telecommunications providers and networks .”

TOWARDEX , a Boston-based network provider specializing in data center interconnections and high-bandwidth fiber optic communications and operator of the Massachusetts Internet Exchange ( MASS IX ), has announced the completion of one of the region ’ s first open access utility entrance solutions for fiber optic networks in CoreSite ’ s Boston data center .

The new fiber optic corridor known as the Hub Express System , provides a hyperscale network of underground conduits to accommodate installations of more than 135 additional fiber optic cables by carriers , substantially increasing the area ’ s digital infrastructure capabilities for interconnected data centers and delivers a foundation for the continued growth of Internet traffic throughout New England .
“ CoreSite ’ s Boston data center is one of the most interconnected buildings in New England today , offering access to leading
During the development of the Hub Express System , TOWARDEX and CoreSite collaborated to enable open access entry into the data center by all interested telecommunications providers in a competitively neutral and nondiscriminatory environment .
The companies constructed a new utility entrance and lateral trench , installing 68 conduits as well as building penetrations for fiber optic cables . The new entrance facilities are operated by TWDX Infrastructure , LLC , a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOWARDEX .

XConnect partners with IDT Global to fight robocalling in the US

XConnect , a Somos company providing numbering intelligence solutions , has partnered with IDT Global , the wholesale voice and SMS division of IDT Corporation , to utilize XConnect ’ s RealNumber DNO database that contains over 6 billion local and toll-free numbers in North America .

With strengthened global number intelligence , IDT Global can enhance its US customers ’ voice experience with better protection from fraudulent calls .
“ Fraudsters are constantly adapting their schemes to target telephone users . Spoofing and illegal robocalling are increasingly commonplace as robocallers mimic numbers from legitimate organizations ,” said Peter Broes , Director of Product Development at IDT Global .
RealNumber DNO includes numbers which should never be used for call origination , helping to prevent telecom fraud on known inbound-only and invalid numbers . With access to RealNumber DNO , IDT Global can identify certain invalid calls and increase the quality of its traffic .
“ Robocalling impacts the entire telecoms value chain from carriers to consumers . Service providers are having to re-evaluate how they verify the identity of calls that they route and take additional steps to keep on top of compliance requirements and deliver a first-class experience to customers ,” said Tim Ward , VP Number Information Services at XConnect .
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