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CIO magazine for the North America region . This month ’ s cover features Bill
Britton , California Polytechnic State University ’ s Vice President for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer .
He tells us how Federated Wireless and Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) have been working on a private wireless deployment with California Polytechnic State University ( Cal Poly ) to support the university ’ s 5G innovation network . The deployment will increase research capabilities , enhance bandwidth and advance connectivity across the San Luis Obispo , California , campus . Cal Poly is one of the nation ’ s top masters-level public universities and a leader in Digital Transformation . best and most effective ways to do that is by curating a healthy organization-wide cybersecurity culture ,” says Nachreiner . To read more of his thoughts , turn to p44 .
In this month ’ s Industry Watch we examine how air travel is on a high by looking at two reports from SITA that describe how the aviation industry is travelling towards new horizons .
We discover how the industry ’ s IT spend is projected to continue its steady year-on-year growth trend since 2020 to support this push for digitalization .
David Lavorel , CEO , SITA , said : “ Air travel has recovered faster from the pandemic than anyone in the industry had initially expected , particularly in Europe and the US .
“ Cal Poly continues to lead in the development of a digital campus ,” said Britton . “ We ’ re driving innovation for smart buildings and smart agriculture by introducing new devices and applications , and now we have a more reliable way to get data from point A to point B . Federated Wireless and AWS are giving us the 5G backbone to make the digital campus a reality .” You can find out more details about the project by turning to p56 .
“ While the recovery is welcome , airports and airlines have found themselves on the back foot with staff and resource shortages . This has put strain on operations , resulting in an increased risk of congestion , delays , cancellations and mishandled baggage . Digitalization is seen as key to addressing these challenges , providing more scalability and flexibility .” For more on this turn to p72 .
Elsewhere , we take a look at how Cybersecurity best practices and policies should be followed by everyone within an organization , not just the leadership team . Washington-based Corey Nachreiner , CSO at WatchGuard , offers his top tips for building the most effective and resilient cybersecurity culture that ensures employees can adopt your company ’ s mission .
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“ Now more than ever companies in all industries and of all sizes must adopt cybersecurity policy . One of the
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